Reel Returns

Got Reels? Return them here!

Paige Agwire offers you the ease of removing those empty cable reels by offering an EcoReel Recycling Program through Sonoco.

Since 1991, Sonoco’s EcoReel Recycling Program is the most comprehensive and cost-effective recycling program in the industry, and is the only national provider of reel recycling services. Collecting used reels, they assist by reducing disposal costs and offering a green alternative.  Once the reels are collected, they repair and refurbish them and then return them for reuse. Reel returns 1

How do you know if a reel is good to return? 

To be useable, reels must meet the following standards:

  • Reels must be made of nailed wood or polyfiber (NOT plywood).
  • Lumber must be sound, without rot or excessive deterioration.
  • Arbor holes cannot be damaged.
  • Drive holes cannot be torn out.
  • Flanges must be at least 1-1/2″ thick and not less than 30″ in diameter.
  • Flanges cannot be visibly warped or have broken boards.
  • Boards with broken edges through one ply only are acceptable.
  • At least 75 percent of stave boards around the drum must be intact.

If your reels meet all of the above requirements, please click on the button below to complete our reel return request form.

Reel Return Request

If you have questions, please contact Lainey at 480.384.1238 or

Note: This offer may not be available in all locations. In some areas, less than a full truckload of reels may not be available for pickup.

How to pack the Sonoco-supplied truck

Sonoco may provide the truck for returning your wooden reels for recycling. You gather the reels and load the truck, making sure the reels you’re returning are empty of any cable, except for the tie-down end piece. Overlapping flanges as they’re stacked will better nest the reels to fully use the entire cubic volume of the trailer.

How many reels should fit in a 53-foot van?

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