Complete Theft Deterrent Solution

Arm your growers with most advanced technology in the market! We are the only company offering a complete theft deterrent solution package, giving your growers the ability to protect their crops, preserve their equipment, and prosecute thieves.

12"w X 8"hWARN: Proof Positive®Signage Kit

Each Signage Kit includes four different warning signs that are reflective and written in both English and Spanish.

  • Triangular field perimeter sign
  • Rectangular pivot ladder hanging sign
  • Rectangular span decal
  • Triangular control panel/collector ring/tower box decal






theftalert ALERT: Paige Agwire Theft Alert

Our Theft Alert provides instant notification when span cable is cut or tampered with, immediately giving your grower or authorities the edge to catch thieves in the act.

  • Requires no external power
  • For electronically driven pivots (20-240 VAC control circuits)
  • One device provides instant cellular connectivity
  • No base station or line of sight requirements
  • Event driven voice, text, and email messages
  • Only one Theft Alert required per pivot, regardless of length
  • No annual service fee
  • Universal to all pivot brands





PROSECUTE: Proof Positive Span Cable

Proof Positive Span Cable is the world’s only traceable cable with the ability to prove ownership and prosecute thieves.

  • Marker tape contains TraceID codes unique to every three inches of cable
  • Upon sale, ownership data is entered in an online database ( accessible to recyclers & law enforcement
  • Bright yellow outer jacket covering and marking provides a visual alert for recyclers and thieves that this is 'that traceable cable'
  • Law enforcement has physical proof for prosecution

For more information or to order complete theft deterrent packages, call 928.282.2783 or email and put a stop to copper theft!