Standard Motor Drop

Standard Motor Drop-1 Website

INSULATION: Polyvinyl Chloride & Nylon
OUTER JACKET: Polyethylene
SIZES: 4/C Cable, 14 Awg 4/C
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1.0 Application

  1. 1.1

    14 AWG 4 conductor shielded and color coded cable designed to supply power from tower box to center drive motor on center pivot irrigation systems. UV and water resistant.

2.0 Construction

  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2

    Conductor: Stranded, soft annealed uncoated copper conforming to ASTM B-8.

  3. 2.3

    Insulation:Polyvinyl Chloride and Nylon conforming to UL Style THHN/THWN for 14 AWG or larger and TFN for 16 AWG and 18 AWG.

  4. 2.4

    Cable Assembly:Insulated conductors are cabled together in a suitable lay with an optional but not required 1 mil mylar tape wrapped helically over the assembly, 10% minimum overlap.

  1. 2.5

    Inner Jacket:Polyvinyl chloride conforming to ICEA S-61-402 and NEMA WC5- minimum average wall thickness .030”.

  2. 2.6

    Color Coding:(1)Red, (2)Black, (3)Blue, (4)Green Yellow stripe.

    Yellow stripe must cover a minimum of 30% and maximum of 50% of the insulated conductor circumference and may be spirally or longitudely applied.

  3. 2.7

    Shield:.008 aluminum specially coated and
    applied in order to bond to the outer

  4. 2.8

    Outer Jacket: Black Sunlight resistant Polyethylene conforming to IPCEA S-61-402, NEMA WC5 and UL 1263. Minimum Average .050”

  5. 2.9

    O.D:.500” ± .010”

  6. 2.10

    Surface Print: Shielded Paige P7074D 14/4 Irrigation Cable 600 Volts NEC Art 675 E__________ (UL) DIR BUR RoHS. Sequentially print footages every 2 ft. Manufacturing Date (DD/MM/YYYY)