Paige Agwire Pump Control & Pump Control +

Remotely Monitor and Control Pumps 

Paige Agwire Pump Control Unit


Paige Agwire Pump Control 

The Paige Agwire Pump Control is specifically designed for direct pump kill wire replacement. This device will shut down a center pivot’s well pumps automatically when the pivot shuts down. Pump Control uses cellular technology so no line of site required. Pump Control easily installs in any application.

Paige Agwire Pump Control +

This pump management system includes all of the key features of our Paige Agwire Pump Control, but also contains the technology to remotely monitor, control, and protect pumps from wire theft using cellular technology.

Key Features of Paige Agwire’s Pump Control & Pump Control +

  • Receive alerts upon well wire tampering
  • Set your pump to turn off at a given time with our convenient website or mobile apps
  • Remotely start and stop your pump with a phone call or mouse click
  • Alert up to ten recipients of thermal overload or other power failure
  • Receive notifications when your pump starts or stops
  • Available for engine driven pumps upon request
  • Uses cellular technology-No line of sight restrictions
  • No Annual Service Fee!

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