Aluminum Direct Burial Splice Kit

Specially designed kit to splice Paige Agwire Quad Aluminum direct burial cable, all gauge sizes and configurations available. | SPEC P7395D-AG

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(4) Aluminum butt connectors

(4) 0.8”x48” heat shrink tubing

(4) 3”x48” heat shrink tubing.

Splicing Instruction For Jacketed Cables

1. Strip cable jacket to expose 1 foot of conductors. Lay the two ends of conductors over each other and stagger (cut so the splices are not in the same location). Strip off each conductors primary insulation to insert in 1/2 the length of the butt connector.

2. Cut the small heat shrink into lengths that are at least 2 inches longer than the butt connector and slide over each of the conductors. Slide these over the longest length of each conductor to keep them away from butt connectors during solder operation upcoming.

3. Drill a 1/8” hole in the center of each butt connector for soldering operation upcoming.

4. Position butt connectors on one cable conductors and crimp in place. Then position the other set of conductors in butt connectors and crimp in place. Using solder iron or torch carefully heat up each butt connector and solder using typical electrical grade solder. Allow to cool or use a sponge and water to cool quicker.

5. Using 130°C self-vulcanizing rubber tape wrap each butt splice connection starting 1/2” up conductor from butt splice end and end 1/2” up opposite end conductor. Slide heat shrink over each splice connection centering heat shrink over splice. Using electric heat gun or torch shrink heat shrink by starting in the middle of the heat shrink and work out to each end of the heat shrinks. Once the heat shrink is completely shrunk and glue is just beginning to come out of each end of heat shrink remove heat and allow to cool. Again sponge & water may be used.

6. Using remaining 130°C rubber tape cover entire exposed conductors as remaining tape allows. This is used to support and contain the conductors and splice and build up the diameter where the jacket is missing. Slide the large heat shrink that will cover the entire splice to complete it over one of the cables so it is on and out of the way.

7. Slide the large heat shrink over the splice area centering it over the splice area. Use a torch or electric heat gun to shrink tubing down. Start in the center of the heat shrink and move outward slowly shrinking. When each end of heat shrink are shrunk to the cable and glue is just beginning to come out of both ends of heat shrink stop applying heat. Keep slice area straight and allow to cool. Again a sponge and water may be used to speed cooling drawing away the heat.